Mexican Secretary of Interior Dead

On Friday, November 11, 2011, the Mexican Secretary of the Interior Francisco Mora at the age of 45 was killed in a helicopter crash while on his way to a judicial meeting.

He was President Calderon’s main supporter and advocate in the military fight against the drug cartels, “frequently traveling to violence-torn cities for meetings with besieged state and local security officials.”

He was extremely hardcore on the drug business and would vow publicly to step up the fight towards the traffickers rather than backing out of it or turning it down a notch.

Along with this, many times he passionately announced to increase the presence of military and national police in dangerous areas and continue to reside there until drug cartel members were captured.

After detectives discovered over a hundred bodies in ditches near the United States border, Mora said, “Organized crime, in its desperation, resorts to committing atrocities that we can’t and shouldn’t tolerate as a government and as a society.”

As a result he declared to instigate a “five-point initiative” to delve into the crimes as well as advance security. This included “the federal monitoring of buses such as those used by the migrant victims.”

He was excellent in the areas dealing with natural disasters, oil, forensic studies, politics, and much more. He was a native from Tijuana and initially trained as a lawyer, he began his path towards politics in the mid-1990s as an official in his hometown. He served a few years under Calderon as a Congressmen in his party, then he moved to serve a local legislator in northern state Baja California.

2007 was the year he was named as interior secretary for Baja, rising higher in position to nation wide until he died last Friday. It’s sad that “Calderon lost another interior secretary, Juan Camilo Mourino, in a plane crash in Mexico City in November 2008.”

May these men rest in peace.


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