Anonymous UPDATE

Great news! The Anonymous group member that was kidnapped by Los Zetas Mexican drug cartel has been found alive and returned home safely.

But the Zetas didn’t hand him over freely. They sent a warning to the hacker group saying that if they ever release any names or information regarding loyal Zeta followers, “the family of the kidnapped anonymous will suffer, and for each cartel member revealed, 10 people will be put to death.”

The anonymous member came back healthy with nothing but a few bruises and the hackers are grateful for that, so for now they will not plan to release any information since the lives of innocent people are at risk.

However, despite all this news…there are claims that all of this is false! The entire kidnapping was fake and made-up and they had no true motive to do this except to simply take out Zetas.

An article I found on the subject said that “’Not one person can name the victim, the date or a witness,’ wrote @Mach2600 on Twitter. The Guardian reports that there is no police report filed to link to the original claim of a kidnapping.”

So why go through all this trouble? Are these a bunch of computer nerds that are bored and have time on their hands so they find out some way of getting attention from the media?

More from the article said according to posts on their (Anonymous) website, “it appeared the group was soliciting anonymous tips on cartel collaborators, making it likely innocent people could have been named and targeted.”

But this isn’t stopping one particular Anonymous member who proclaims he will continue this fight against the cartels.

Several software firms and lawyers have told them to stand down because they don’t know what they’re doing. These are powerful cartels that have a lot of connections and could easily track them down and hurt them as well.

The hackers may have information and intelligence, but the cartels have information, intelligence, and weapons!

Perhaps more evidence will be dug up to dissect this situation. As of now, half of the people think everything that has happened is false, and the other half may believe the kidnapping was true but still think the Anonymous members should back down from their not well-thought out plans.

Their lack of experience and lack of protection (arms/weapons) will get them injured.

If the cartels are able to get across the border to create drug plants all the way in Massachusetts, then they can certainly find experts to access the hacker’s information and kill them.

I suppose they think it’s funny to play these games…they are certainly playing with my head!

Hopefully more news on this subject will arise….

I’ll be waiting


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