“Anonymous” may possibly release Zeta cartel information

There are a group of internet hackers that call themselves “Anonymous” that have created and posted videos on YouTube demanding for one of the members of their group to be released and not injured since the individual’s kidnapping by the Zeta’s cartel in Veracruz last month. They continue to put up videos saying that if their friend has not been freed by Saturday (11/05/11), then they will release information such as names and addresses of members of the Zetas cartel to police, journalists, and any other media outlet that will spread the news in order to capture them. They say, “We cannot defend ourselves with weapons, but we can with their cars, houses, bars…It’s not difficult. We know who they are and where they are. Information is free.”

The video is kinda creepy to watch, because they use Microsoft Sam’s voice and have an “anonymous” theatre mask on and at the end they say “We do not forgive. We do not forget.” It kind of leaves you with chills, but we’ll see what ends up happening in two days.


You can watch the video here:

Hopefully their friend will show up alive and well and return home, but I’m still curious to see what would happen if they did end up releasing the Zeta’s information. I mean obviously the Zetas are extremely powerful and can harm these hackers, but information is also very powerful, and if they can release that info to police and military people, then maybe they could be able to stop an entire cartel…an entire force that could end the killings of thousands of innocent people; and perhaps release information on other cartels and stop their destruction as well!

But then my question would be, why haven’t they done this before? Are they scared that they or their families or other friends could be kidnapped, harmed, or killed? Why take the risk now? Or even if their friend does show up safely and uninjured, why not go ahead and still release the information?

They say they are fed up with the cartels…so get them all captured and arrested! Just do it!

If this could be one way we could assist the capture of a cartel and end deadly forces and threats, then I think they should try it. As long as these cartels don’t start coming up into the U.S. and hurting more innocent people, then it could be something helpful.

Here’s a news report on it:

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