Magic is a remedy for some mexicans

In a blog post I found on the blogger reported that Mexicans are recently calling for help upon witches and wizards that can use their magic to make the negative energy go away. People are afraid of all the threats and the entire dangerous situation going on with the cartels that they ask for help from these warlocks and witches to use old traditional rituals to help them relax and  calm their fears. According to the post, wizardry is something that is passed down through generations and the most requested demands from clients lately have been “for protection against extortion and for help finding kidnapped kin…local practitioners say.” Right now this is mainly going on through the state/province of Veracruz since it’s recently the most popular new grounds for cartels to reside, but this particular cry for help may be slowly expanding across different regions of the country.

Ernesto Cordero running for the upcoming 2012 election in Mexico representing the PAN party said that magic is no use for “getting out of the problem we got ourselves in.” But the Veracruz citizens and magic-doers themselves seem to think otherwise.

I think that if doing that is going to take negative energy away from them and help them relax, then they should go for it. They’re not harming anybody if a guy who “closes his eyes and chants as he briskly rubs a stark white egg over the arms, chest and neck of a worried customer,” is one of the main things they’re doing. If having an egg rubbed on them makes them feel better, then that’s cool. Some people prefer wizardry while others may prefer blessings from priests or pastors, or prayers to God.  Whatever can help them live an easier, stress-free life as long as they’re not hurting anyone, seems completely acceptable in my eyes.

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