It’s the fat, blind, drug addicted American’s fault

My original thoughts as soon as I saw this picture were:

-the United States is sucking (in this case snorting) the life out of Mexico because its demand for drugs is a lot more important than it’s care about the lives of innocent people.

-Haha the artist made the guy fat because Americans are fat, greedy, people who only “feed” their own needs…in this particular situation, their own need for drugs

-the artist didn’t even need to put the words “U.S. drug demand” on the guy’s arm because that message is implicit. He’s already wearing a stars and stripes shirt and snorting up Mexico, which I could only assume would be the U.S.’s drug demand.

-the guy’s eye is creepy and totally not a natural, healthy looking eye, I’m not sure that he’s able to see things clearly and I’m assuming it’s because of the massive amount of intake of cocaine and other drugs. So he’s so blinded by his addiction to drugs, he does not see the implications he’s causing upon Mexico.


I think the artist did a fabulous job creating such a simple cartoon that says so much when one interrogates the image and points out certain observations.

Excellent illustration.

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