Animations to expose drug war myths

Back in August of this year, the Mexican government decided to try to gather the support of the Mexican people in favor of fight against the drug war by using the method of animated cartoons. On the Gobierno Federal’s (Federal Government) YouTube channel, they have 10 videos dedicated to setting the record straight and exposing the false myths of the Mexican drug war, mainly the government’s role in it. 

Each video has the title with the number of the myth and the name “For the fight of security.” So for example “Third Myth for the Fight of Security.” They are mostly a  maximum of 5 minutes long with little animated characters having talk bubbles above their heads saying what the myth is and saying that it’s false, explaining the truth of what’s going on. Some of the myths include things such as: “The government has no set strategy” (concerning what to do towards the drug war), “The solution to the violence is to negotiate with the criminals,” “It was only Calderon’s decision to start the fight against the drug war,” and many more.

Here’s the video to the first myth (it’s all in Spanish, but you get the idea of what it looks like and what they’re tyring to do)

What I’ve noticed is that with each video put up, the number of views goes down. I’ve read that a lot of the Mexican people do not like or support these videos because it’s all about a media campaign and an agenda to make the government look better, not necessarily fixing the situation. What’s also interesting/funny is that they disabled their comment section, so no one is allowed to express how they feel about these animations. This makes me believe the whole “government agenda” thing even more…they have to make themselves look good.

As I discovered these cartoons, I wondered if anyone else had been making cartoons concerning this topic. I found this guy from the U.S. that does satirical political animations on a variety of issues, and he’s created two different videos, one in 2009 when the drug war started to really shine in the U.S., and one in 2010. I like these videos because I agree with what they’re saying, but a lot of people in the comments section from the U.S. were not happy, because the animator blamed a lot of things on the U.S. in terms of drug use and drug buying, etc. You should watch the videos and then read the comments, I always learn something new.

 Gringo Guns-2009

NarcoMex Inc.- 2010

To read more on this topic here are some articles to refer to:

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One thought on “Animations to expose drug war myths

  1. Helpful page and especially enlightening. Thanks for taking the time to write it and post it!

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