legalizing pot… a good idea?

I listened to a 15 minute segment of  the KPBS radio show in which they discuss the United States’ role in the Mexican drug war. It was interesting to hear the thoughts of several editors, bloggers, and publishers on the subject as well as the opinions of a few callers outside the show.

The host of the show had asked these various editors what the U.S. is doing to help and why Americans consume so many drugs.

They stated that the U.S. has given over a billion dollars to the cause and they’re increasing border security, they’re closing off cartel made tunnels, and they’re doing what they can to the extent where the Mexican government will allow.

But where the answers really varied were towards the question of why Americans consume so many drugs which eventually led to the question of  whether legalizing pot would make things better.

As far as the question why Americans consume so many drugs is concerned, no one could offer a legitimate answer since obviously there could be an endless amount of reasons why this is true. One answer said that it’s just a habit, an easy fix, entertainment, and in some areas easily accessible, but what the most discussed topic concerning this is the issue of legalization, in particular marijuana. There’s a lot of controversy regarding this issue because no one knows if the results could be negative or actually help to improve both countries.

In my opinion, legalizing pot will just corrupt the United States further. I never saw drugs as a reliever of problems. One editor made a good point saying that although the cartels are extremely wealthy from selling drugs, “they’ve also branched out into all kinds of criminal enterprises. Criminal enterprises that smuggle illegal immigrants into this country. Or smuggle weapons into the country. There’s a lot more going on that fund the drug cartels now than just drugs.”

So the legalization of pot can only go so far, especially since pot is not the only drug they are selling and they’re participating in other money-making illegal activities. Legalizing pot would not mean the end of the cartels and is not the answer to these problems.

Listen to the show/read the transcript here:

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