Where does the line end?


As I was doing some research on the continuous drug violence in Mexico, I came across these maps that I for some reason didn’t think existed. I didn’t know they existed because I was unaware that people knew the exact territories/cities/provinces that each cartel had taken over. I guess I think it’s kinda crazy that the lines are so well-defined, but apparently they are and they’re certainly out there.

So far Los Zetas seem to be the most dominating drug gang in Mexico and are slowly gaining prominence in southern United States as well.

This one goes even more into depth, showing the drug trafficking directions as in what’s coming from where and where it’s leading to, as well as specifying which drugs are the ones being trafficked. It appears that Cocaine is the most popular substance being shipped, and mostly from South America from countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil. Latins indirectly assisting their Latin brothers in the murdering of innocent people… for what? For a small sum of money? For a powdery substance that gives you a temporary feel good moment in time?

I had no idea that China also ships drugs to Mexico, this is new news to me. Fascinating to think they are also contributing to this tragic mess. I should change my mission statement from Mexico and the U.S. are both equally to be blamed, to the revised version of Mexico, the U.S., Latin America, and China are all to be partly blamed for the drug cartel violence occurring in Mexico.

Next I’m going to find out that Canada, or Australia, or Africa is contributing. Like where does the line end really?

When the violence is not happening to you or someone you care about, it doesn’t really matter. All we care about is making our money.

Drug Violence Map of Mexico Political Cartoon

This is a political cartoon I found on Google Images dramatically imitating the various “cartel influence” maps that are on the internet. This image, in my opinion, is emitting the message that the violence is spread out entirely through out Mexico and even splattering over into the United States. There are no specific territories, or fine lines where drug cartel influence reigns, because it is affecting everyone all over Mexico and even those in southern United States. On a side note, the artist of the cartoon highlights the state of Wisconsin because of an incident that occurred in 2010 when “federal officials found hundreds of pounds of pot in the forests of northern Wisconsin that were apparently being tended by Mexican nationals.” (http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/opinion/column/phil_hands/article_aefae97e-ad6e-11df-841f-001cc4c002e0.html) Thus is it not only affecting southern United States, but it’s slowly progressing to northern United States as well. An ugly truth that will only worsen if we don’t pay any attention to the issue.

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