“Too strong for publication”

This image was created by the famous Mexican cartoonist Jose Hernandez. The title “Nuevo Eslogan” means “New Slogan.” The artist has depicted President Calderon as putting up a sign from the Federal Government that says “In order for drugs not to reach your children… we are killing them for you.” So Hernandez is basically saying that the Federal Government is killing the children of Mexico. According to Monthly Review Magazine the cartoon was “deemed too strong for publication by La Jornada and subsequently widely disseminated in the Mexican blogosphere.”

I can understand why La Jornada would think it’s somewhat intense, because it’s head on dissing the government and Calderon in a non-satirical way. It’s extremely blunt and directing it’s hostility towards Calderon.

I’m not going to say Hernandez is right or wrong, because I feel like since I’m not living in Mexico, I can’t really know everything that’s going on first hand, so I can’t choose to blame an entire government that’s not ruling over me; because it could just be one person, or a group of people and not the entire government, but I just don’t know. I try to be an objective person in most of my dealings, and this image certainly does not embody that. I do however, have to give props to Hernandez for being bold enough to convey his true thoughts on the subject and be willing to stand up for something he believes in. And I will say that the Mexican government is at fault for many things and I somewhat agree with Hernandez, but there are also many other factors that are involved as well.

Overall, I feel that this has a strong message to portray, and it’s important that people are exposed to it. This is not a joke, this is real.

Cartoon Source: http://mrzine.monthlyreview.org/2010/hernandez060510.html

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