Lil Wayne saves the day!

The Onion is according to their website “America’s Finest News Source,”but in reality it is a satirical news organization. They have their own online news website as well as hundreds of videos on YouTube dedicating itself to making fun of current news.

While scrolling through some of their videos I stumbled upon one dealing with the Mexican Drug War. They report that the DEA has undertaken the most successful initiative to help Mexico yet. That is…to send Rapper Lil Wayne to Mexico to use up all the drugs.

They call this program “Operation Weezy F. Baby.” Hilarious and very stupid at the same time! If you watch the video, it’ll explain in detail every course of action they plan for Weezy to take.

I always like to scroll down and read the comments that people write, and it’s funny because some people actually believe this stuff is true. I guess they don’t understand satire or sarcasm, but some comments give an insight to who’s actually interested in this topic, and to who is watching just because they’re fans of the Onion or Lil Wayne.

“the sad thing is that this would probably work better then all the crap they do right now lol”

Comment by: victus401 2 months ago
It seems like this person is interested and knows what’s going on with the drug war since they are aware of what the U.S. is doing now. I like that they replied back to the satirical video with sarcasm, but I’m sure there’s some truth into what they’re saying. As in, all the things the U.S. government is doing now to “help” has not brought any positive real results, therefore, give it a go, and send Lil Wayne to Mexico!

“ur kidding me right? this has to be a joke. were actually gonnna thank him for illegally smoking, sniffing, injecting hiself with what we call illegal s***!? and pay him? hes a freakin lowlife who has too much money for doing nothing as it is! wow we must all really be stupid”

Comment by: limbossdd 1 month ago
This person is one of those people who believe this is true…kind of embarrassing for him since a bunch of people after him replied saying he’s an idiot for believing it. But as we can see this person did not mention anything about the actions being taken in regards to stopping the drug war, so I’m assuming he’s just watching this because he’s a fan of The Onion…because apparently he’s definitely not a fan of Lil Wayne.
Others say “this is a great idea!” While other comments are completely random or are bashing others in a rude, inappropriate manner.
YouTube is also really cool because it allows you to see the statistics of the views of the video. So it’s interesting to see that out of the 1,437,151 views, the video was the most popular with males from ages 18-44. Where are the females?
There may be multiple reasons why this is a male dominated video, but I don’t want to get into that.
But now we know what The Onion would do if they were in power 😉
What would you do?
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