What does my own Texas govenor recommend?

Being from Texas myself, I wanted to know what course of action politicians in my home state would take…being so close to all the violence next door in Mexico and whatnot.

Texas Governor Rick Perry, who also happens to be currently running for Republican candidate for the 2012 presidential election, said he would “get the U.S. military involved in Mexico’s war with drug cartels.”

Hmmm, how so Governor?

Well apparently he wants to cooperate with Mexico just as the U.S. and Colombia worked together to battle their country’s drug cartels. He said that the partnership with Colombia was a “coordinated effort” and that “It may take our military working with the Mexican government to win Mexico’s drug war.” He sounds mighty confident that with our military we’re going to win. This sounds like a familiar and reoccurring story.

But this appears to be a boo boo that came out of Perry’s mouth concerning foreign policy. Because it doesn’t seem like Mexico wants help from the U.S. military. Perry’s comments will, if they haven’t already, upset the Mexican government. They have remained forcefully steadfast in their decision to not receive any help from the United State’s military; but that’s a funny thing because they’re plenty willing to receive “more than $1 billion in U.S. aid to take on the cartels.” Has it really reached 1 billion dollars?! That’s crazy! Where has all that money gone? I haven’t seen anything being done to effectively change the outcome of the war. Looks all the same to me, and I’m not even living there, I could only imagine the thoughts of the innocent victims and citizens living in Mexico. Maybe the drug cartels themselves have been stealing all that money, livin the good life, while the Mexican government sits back and watches thousands of other innocent victims die.

I guess Perry isn’t well-informed on foreign issues because he has staggered on this issue before. His other slip up was a “rambling answer during a debate between candidates last month to a question about what he would do as president if the Taliban got hold of nuclear weapons.”

So, it turns out, my interest to know what one of  my home-state politicians would do was a bust. I didn’t discover anything that would spark my interest further. He wants the U.S. military to enter Mexican grounds and take out cartels…and Mexico says NO. End of story.  Maybe I should try out of home-state politicians…

Article Source: http://townhall.com/news/politics-elections/2011/10/02/perry_suggests_us_military_role_in_mexico_drug_war

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