Mexico’s 1500 plus mile pipeline

“Investigators have cut a cocaine pipeline running through the El Paso region that allegedly connected the Sinaloa cartel with street-level drug dealers in Philadelphia,” states the article Sinaloa cartel pipeline to Philadelphia thwarted by Daniel Borunda.

It is unbelievable to me that the cartel is able to make contacts all the way in Philadelphia, the opposite end of the country, about 1500 plus miles! What is this saying about our U.S. drug administration? What are they doing, what are they controlling? Are they paying attention?

But apparently, after a long 5 month investigation, the administration made 5 arrests on September 8th in both Philly and El Paso which has destroyed the cartel’s efforts to set up a distribution center in Philadelphia. The district attorney’s office in Philadelphia collected recorded conversations revealing that the Sineloa cartel planned in cooperation with another large Philadelphia drug organization, to be the “exclusive distributor of the cartel’s heroin, cocaine and marijuana product throughout the city and the surrounding region.”

Well they were certainly going to be successful if this plan were to have followed through, because officials found out that the cartel had projected a start of 10 kilos of cocaine valuing at about 35 grand a kilo. That was just the initial plan, once the two drug unions had formed a trusted bond together, they were going to increase the amount to “100 to 200 kilos of cocaine every two weeks.” They would be banking! As well as providing hurtful corruption in the United States, for both innocent people and drug users.

Luckily the investigators were able to seize the first shipment and also seized “several weapons, computers, houses and cash.”

The Sinaloa cartel is one of the chief criminal associations in Mexico and has a lot of power; thank goodness that officials were able to stop this master plan of drug distribution, along the coast of the U.S. It would have caused so much chaos and a lot more trouble, money, war, etc. It’s a continuous ripple effect, and we have to work more towards a team effort of resolving this problem. U.S. drug organizations are certainly not going to help this “effort.”

The end of the article concludes with a reflective quote from District Attorney Seth Williams. He said, “There is no question in my mind that if the cartel was able to develop a relationship with drug traffickers in Philadelphia, there would have been drugs from this cartel infecting our city for years to come.” The arrests and stopping of this pipeline is something we should be grateful for, but also something we have to continue to keep our eyes open about.

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One thought on “Mexico’s 1500 plus mile pipeline

  1. How are we going to turn this thing around? If it’s by helping just one person see something important which leads to positive action then I think it’s done the job.

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