Don’t Get Too Comfortable

By clicking the image above, you will be directly linked to a video on CBS News website called ” Mexican Pres. Calderon on drug war, immigration.” 

President Calderon visited the “Early Show” a few weeks ago and talked about the type of action we, Mexico together with the United States, need to take in order to slowly stop this war on drugs.

40,000 deaths have occurred in Mexico since 2006 (6 times more than the deaths of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan),  and the steps Calderon has undertaken have not helped stop the cartels, but have helped increase the country’s economy. This  includes more opportunites for young people to receive higher education, better jobs in hospitals,and Mexico has in total, created approximately 800,000 new jobs, which as a result has decreased immigration into the United States down to almsot 0% in the last year.

This is quite an impressive feat for Mexico, however the headlines are not showing these accomplishments, they are more focused towards the mass murders and destruction of the drug cartels. This is something that the United States needs to be more cooperative with and collaborate more as well, according to Calderon.

Therefore, there is an increasing amount of success economically for Mexico, but there’s also an increasing amount of suffering, killings, and devastation from the ongoing drug war.

So, it’s not a good idea for Calderon and Mexico to get too comfortable with their achievements just yet, and the United States shouldn’t be content with the decreased immigration rate either, because there is still a lot of drug usage, drug dealing, and desolation as well.

Problems both countries mutually need to work out.

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