Is ignorance bliss?

I conducted a poll in which I asked 10 people under the age of 21, and 10 people over the age of 21, if they had a stance/opinion, didn’t care about the subject, or just had absolutely no clue about the drug wars and violence occurring currently in Mexico. I was amazed how opposite the two results came out to be, when people over the age of 21 had strong opinions on the matter, whereas the younger crowd seemed to have no idea on what I was asking about. Those who had no opinion seemed to come pretty close to each other, but it seems like those under 21 aren’t receiving education on the current national news. What was even more surprising to me, was the fact that these people I interviewed reside in Texas, where most of the action is very close. Perhaps this is saying something about our youth? What do future generations have to bring to the table…to our nation’s welfare?

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One thought on “Is ignorance bliss?

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