Who is to blame?

In a Fox News Latino report published 13 days ago, I found the results of a Pew Research study that were not very surprising in my opinion.
Between March 22nd and April 7th 2011, this research study survey was conducted in Mexico. In the survey, they administered interviews in the Spanish language with 800 adults. The results showed that 61 percent of Mexicans believe the United States and Mexico to be equally responsible for the dangerous violence that is enveloping Mexico, and is gaining closer access to the USA.
Even the president of Mexico accused the U.S. of not taking enough responsibility after a tragedy in Monterrey, where one of the cartels killed 40 people in a casino.

I also believe that we are not doing enough on this side of the border to increase the education of the population in order to diminish the consumption of these different types of drugs.
Naturally, it will be difficult for Mexico to fight against the drug trafficking cartels if this activity is directed towards satisfying a continually growing market in the U.S.
I believe that the best way to answer this type of problem, like any other problem, is prevention. It is not enough to send millions of dollars and intelligence to help with the problem of the violence and criminality that this drug business consequently brings to our neighbor, the problem should be removed from its roots, and the root is the consumer.
Hypothetically speaking, if we were to switch the problem over to the U.S. side, and would have almost 35,000 people killed in 5 years because of the drugs cartels, (just like Mexico had), do you think we would like Mexico to get more involved and take a more aggressive role in the fight against drugs?
I think most would say yes, they would.

The link to the article if you’re curious: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2011/08/31/mexico-and-united-states-both-to-blame-for-drug-cartel-violence-majority-say-in/?intcmp=related

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